Offshore in Panama: Panama of the


Offshore in Panama are one of the most convenient solution for registaratsii courts and international business.

Panama - a country situated on the Isthmus of Panama, the narrowest stretch of land that connects North America to South. On the east it borders with Colombia to the west - with Costa Rica, on the south by the Pacific Ocean in the north - the Caribbean Sea. Capital - Panama City. One of the oldest and most mature offshore centers.

Company Type

Corporation or Private foundation

Share capital

The optimum size of the stated capital - 10 000 $. Usually divided into 100 ordinary shares at $ 100 each or 500 voting shares without par value. There is no requirement for payment of share capital

Assessment and reporting

A fixed annual fee. Provision of financial statements and the audit is not required


When you register requires a minimum of two shareholders. Further shares can be transferred to one shareholder. Requires a minimum of three directors. There may be individuals or legal entities. Residents or nonresidents. Required to appoint the president, secretary and treasurer. Chance of nominee service and are available bearer shares. After registration, the shares must be fully paid. The standard form of the statute allows the company to conduct any activities not prohibited by applicable law and does not require additional licensing

Privacy Policy

Information about the directors of the company - partially accessible. Information from the founding documents, copies of which are stored in the register of companies, can be represented by third parties only after a decision by the Court

The term of a company registered in the first half, to extend until January 1 of each year, in the second half - until July 1 of each year. Package of services, purchasing a company, includes payment of government fees, provision of registered office and agent service until January 1 or before July 1 next year (depending on the time of registration). Payment of the fee is usually carried out with 01 to January 31 or 01 to 31 July.